This website offers the Budwig diet and lifestyle plan that has helped people to overcome cancer, arthritis, asthma, diabetes and other conditions

The Budwig diet and general plan is based on the work of German biochemist, physicist and health practitioner, Dr. Johanna Budwig, as well as other researchers. You can learn the basics of this protocol by reading the topics listed in the menu to the left under Fundamentals.

For more benefit, I invite you to become a member of this site. Whether you are a newcomer to the Budwig diet and full healing protocol, who wants to understand it and get started faster, or you have been on the Budwig diet a while and would like some new recipes and inspiration, I believe you will find the videos and articles helpful.   All videos and articles are on this website and are instantly available when you join.

Though we are in the process of moving our site to a platform that will accommodate all mobile devices, we are not there yet. Our videos will show only on computers at this point.


Free Video - Flaxseed Oil & Cottage Cheese Recipe
We offer this core recipe from the Budwig Diet Protocol so that you have this information as the first step in starting the full diet and lifestyle changes that can promote health and well-being. This one recipe is only a small part of the complete Budwig Diet. Please see the "Brief Budwig Diet & Protocol" under Fundamentals in the menu to the left. There are 15 key parts to this health program. The videos and articles you can view with membership can help with understanding and following the plan more quickly. These health-supporting foods and practices can aid in preventing and overcoming illnesses.
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Membership Includes the Following:

A list in the 'Articles' section of over 100 of the healthiest foods you can eat.

Over 70 Budwig Diet Recipes, with variations to change the taste, on video or written with added photos.

15 Videos that include: how to make Budwig-compatible original recipes [recipes that are not in the Budwig Diet cookbook],  10 easy ways to lower stress, the appropriate use of sun therapy and exercise, and how and why the Budwig protocol works. All videos are on this website for immediate access.

Additional Written Recipes using Budwig Diet foods: all recipes include many variations so that a large number of meals with different tastes can be created -all offered in downloadable recipe pages. 

2 Breakfast Videos + recipe page with  many variations=over 50 different meals

3  Lunch Videos with 9 variations additional written recipes with photos=over 25 different meals

3 Dinner Videos with 9 variations  additional written recipes with photos=over 25 different meals

1 Oleolux Video + recipe page with 1 variation

Plus, videos on 1] making sauerkraut at home, 2] juicing with an Omega juicer, 3] making cheese from yogurt

 Nutrition Notes: Within the videos & the recipe pages, you will learn the health benefits & research results on the value of the foods & spices used in the recipes.

3 More Important Videos:

Some Basics on Why the Budwig Plan Works [Science]

Sun Therapy and Exercise [Benefits of Sunlight & Whether to Exercise]

10 Relaxation Methods [Ways to Reduce Stress are Demonstrated]

We also include Articles that explain helpful details & a Forum for discussing specifics with others.   


Some of the many advantages of watching our Budwig videos is that you will see just HOW EASY IT IS and HOW LITTLE TIME IT TAKES to make the health-supporting delicious meals in the Budwig Diet that improve well being. I believe that seeing the meals created, the lifestyle changes demonstrated and hearing the reasons why it all works to support health will inspire you to become more fully compliant with the overall Budwig Diet and Lifestyle Plan. 


The information in this web site is presented for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice and treatment of a licensed professional.