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Follicular B Cell Lymphoma

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Sept 16, 2008 - in the forum, Stephen wrote:

I've had great success at reversing my follicular center B cell lymphoma via:
- getting rid of the mercury in my mouth and chelating the remainder in my body
- doing as much of the Budwig Protocol as I can -  additional supplements
I've had no treatment since diagnosis in March 2005.  Within 4 weeks of
starting just the FOCC (at first), the 3 cm lymph nodes in my groin fully
regressed & have not enlarged since.  I still have enlarged nodes in the neck.

[Added Note: FOCC refers to Dr. Budwig's flax oil and cottage cheese recipe.]


2nd message on the same day, Steve wrote:
I've never had treatment of any kind, nor a biopsy. My diagnosis and
monitoring of my lymphoma has been via a blood test called flow cytometry.

It shows, among other things, percent abnormal cells in the blood. The percent
has varied from 10% to as high as 70% over the past 3.5 years. The very last
test I had could not detect any cancerous cells (first time since diagnosis).
Again, I still have nodes in the neck that wax and wane but never get larger
overall. So, my blood is cancer free but the lymphatic system, I feel, still
has cancer cells in it. But no biopsy for me - the route to a cure is still the
same no matter what a biopsy shows. I had and still do have, the luxury (not
sure most people would call it that) of a slow growing cancer which is not
pressing against any critical organs. I am fortunate in that regard.

I've worked full time while doing the Gerson for a few months, and the last 1.7
years on the Budwig Plan. I have to admit I am unable to be 100% compliant on the BP. I
do the best I can while still trying to support a family of four.

Not including our 4 year old German Shepard who is on the way to being cured of
his kidney tumor. Last December he started peeing blood. This went on for 3
months while our vet did every test she could and still could not diagnose the
problem. She finally sent us to a top notch animal hospital where they
diagnosed a 10 cm tumor on his right kidney. After a lot of tears, we:

- took Blackjack (BJ) home

- started him on dad's protocol right away
including flax oil, cottage cheese, vegetables, ground beef, brown
rice, a few special supps I take, etc

- changed his diet

- changed his water to reverse osmosis

Well, after 3 days of doing this, the pee started turning from red to pink (had
been solid thick red for 3 months) then a few days later yellow. Been yellow
ever since. We took BJ for a repeat ultrasound 4 weeks ago. The vet (VCA
Aurora, IL) expected growth, mets, and only a few months to live.

Instead he found a 30% reduction in tumor size (from 2 months prior). He was
very surprised but as you would expect - didn't care to know what we were doing.
We're taking BJ back for another ultrasound this Christmas (they cost $175
each). Thought it would be a nice Christmas present to hear he's cancer free.

I have to go to bed now. I have a few other emails which I cant get to tonite,
but will.

Best of health, Steve

PS - Sandra, I would provide PDF files of my graphs (WBC as mercury comes out,
percent abnormal cells, etc), or my dogs ultrasound results (or a picture of my
dog :-)) for the "files" section at any time, if you think it would be