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Budwig Diet for Dogs

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Dr. Budwig didn't discuss a diet for animals, but many dogs have regained their health by eating blended flax seed oil and cottage cheese as well as other foods from the Budwig plan. Although the Budwig diet for humans is primarily vegetarian, dogs need a protein-centered menu.

They also will benefit from eating RAW cancer-fighting vegetables and even a little fruit. You can give various raw cancer-fighting vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, cabbage, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. mixed with a RAW egg, chicken, fish or various RAW meats. Give flax oil and cottage cheese one or two times a day depending on tolerance. Adjust the amount based on the size of your pet.

Dogs benefit from a diet rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs). Like humans, they lack the ability to produce needed Essential Fatty Acids on their own.  Adding liquid, refrigerated, cold-pressed flax seed oil to their diet helps them in various ways.

Try to avoid commercial dog foods, especially cereal types.  Dogs need natural, unprocessed foods that are fresh and raw.  You can introduce these into their diet gradually to help the digestive system adjust.